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How Do I Open A Shared Folder In Outlook Web Access?


If another Exchange user has shared a folder with you (for instance, you were given permissions to view someone's Calendar folder), you can view the folder in Outlook Web Access. Follow the instructions below for your version of Exchange.

For Exchange 2010 customers

Log in to your mailbox in Outlook Web Access.

To open a shared Inbox:

  1. Right-click your mailbox name in the left pane and choose Open Other User's Inbox.

  2. Click Name to select the person who shared their Inbox with you.

  3. Click OK to open the shared Inbox.

To open a shared Calendar:

  1. Switch to the Calendar.
  2. In the left pane, right-click My Calendars and choose Add calendar.

  3. Click Name to choose the person who shared their calendar with you.
  4. Click OK to view the shared calendar in the Reading Pane.

To open shared Contacts:

Change the URL in the address line of your browser. Delete everything after https://XX.exchXXX.intermedia.net/owa and replace it with:

/Email Address/?cmd=contents&module=contacts

For Email Address, type the other user's email address.
For example: /john@example.com/?cmd=contents&module=contacts.

For Exchange 2007 customers
1. Log in to your mailbox in Outlook Web Access.

2. Change the URL in the address line of your browser. Delete everything after https://owaXXX.intermedia.net/owa and replace it with:

/Email Address/?cmd=contents&f=Folder

  • For Email Address, type the other user's email address.
  • For Folder, type the name of the folder that you want to open, such as "calendar," "contacts" or "inbox".

For example: /john@example.com/?cmd=contents&f=calendar or /john@example.com/?cmd=contents&f=contacts.

 3. The shared folder will open in the same window.
Note: In Outlook Web Access 2007 only default top level Calendar and Contacts folders can be viewed via URL change. In order to access custom top level folders and subfolders you need to use Outlook mail client.

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