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SecuriSync®: Change Folder Location


Starting with the version 2.9, the default location of My SecuriSync has been changed to C:\Users\$username\My SecuriSync. It is still in the user profile path, but it is no longer under Documents.

SecuriSync does not support syncing folders that are residing on SMB shares (i.e. File Server). If your default folder is redirected via Group policy to a file server, you can change the location so that My SecuriSync folder will remain on the local drive of the computer even when the redirect is in place.  

To change My SecuriSync folder location, right-click SecuriSync icon > click Settings > Settings:

Change My SecuriSync folder location


  • If you're using Roaming Profiles, folder location can be changed to be outside of the user profile path (to avoid the same issue described above).
  • The folder can be moved to the Data drive with more capacity
  • This option can be configured during installation or post-installation from the Settings menu
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