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What Happens when I Delete Phone Numbers or Remove Users?


You are only allowed the same quantity of phone numbers as you have users. For this reason, if you disable Hosted PBX for a user, you must also delete a phone number, even if the user did not have an assigned phone number. (However, if you have created fewer phone numbers than users, you do not have to delete a phone number.)

You can choose which number to delete. You may want to delete the number that was assigned to the user, or a number that is not assigned to anyone. If necessary, you can reassign the number that the user had, and delete a different one.

This is important because once a number is deleted, you will not be able to get the same number for your account again.
If you remove a user (disable Hosted PBX service for a user):

  • The user's phone number is unassigned and becomes available (if a number was assigned, and if you did not delete it).
  • The user is removed from any hunt groups.
  • The user is removed from any Auto Attendants that included this user for forwarding calls.

If you delete a phone number that is assigned to an active user, that person will not be able to use the PBX service unless you assign a new number.

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