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How To Create Additional Users For MySQL Databases?


From HostPilotĀ® Control Panel you can set database owner users who will have full access to the database. In the event you need additional users to access your database, you can grant privileges to them using the database owner credentials. To do so, login to HostPilot and follow these steps:

  1. Create the additional user for the database by going to  MySQL > Logins

  2. From MySQL > Commands page or from the MySQL interface, run the following command to grant full access to the specified user:
    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON <database_name>.* TO  '<additinal_user_name>'@'%';


  • You should grant access to '%' (all hosts) in order to keep your database accessible for the web server and HostPilot system.
  • To set the password for your additional database users you should use MySQL > Logins page where the user was created initially.
  • You can also restrict access to the database for the additional user and allow only specific operations by running the following command:

    • GRANT SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT ON <database_name>.* TO '<additinal_user_name>'@'%';
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